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Welcome Streamers!

Streamers Program

To All Streamers Out there who Love playing Ragnarok Online, we want to invite you to our Streamers Program.


• To promote and advertise the server.
• To Encourage Existing Players in the Ragnarok World


• Must have atleast 100+ followers.
• Must have a Microphone and Camera ( Optional )
• Must have a streaming schedule atleast 3-5 hours a day and 3x a Week
• Must Interact with your Viewers In-game and Host Mini Events for Them and win Prizes that will be given from GM Team.
• Send us a message if you are going to stream so we can check your stream and share it.
• Server links must be in your stream.
• Use our Server's Streaming Overlay.

Daily Rewards :

-- Streamer Supply Box --
• 3x Megaphone
• 3x ESB
• 3x BBG
• 3x AFM 100%

Weekly Rewards :

• 300x Donation Coin
• 10x Megaphones
• 10x ESB
• 10x BBG
• 3x AFM 100%
• 2x Yoga Scroll 1 or 2

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Guild Name: YogaRO Team
Leader: Sinio
Char Name: Evil Buu
Job: Champion