TBA To Be Announced

Server Information

Server Rates

Max Base Level: 99
Max Job Level: 70
Class: 2-2 Transcendent & Extended Jobs
Base Experience Rate: 10x
Job Experience Rate: 10x
Max Player Aspd : 190
Max Player Stats : 99
Item Drop Rate : 3x
Card Drop Rate : 3x

Server Features

Healer (Costs 1,000z per Heal)
Hourly Rewards System
MVP Points
Floating Weekend Rates (13x/13x/5x)
PK Enabled (Only on MVP Maps)
Disabled Dual Client
Disabled MVP and Mini-Boss Cards
Gepard Protected ( @lgp Included )

Game Modifications

PVP / WOE / GvG / 7v7 Oriented Server
Maximum Guild Members changed to 36.
Guild Alliance is disabled.

Player Commands

@rates - Displays the server rates.
@refresh - Synchronizes the player's position on the client with the one stored on the server.
@iteminfo - Displays item information (type, price, weight, drops).
@help - Displays the help message for the specified command.
@noask - Toggles automatic rejection of deals and invites.
@breakguild - Breaks the guild of the attached character. (You must be the guildmaster to use this command.)
@time - Displays the local server time, along with day/night information.
@uptime - Show server uptime since last map server restart.
@showexp - Toggles the display of experience gain messages.
@changegm - Changes the guildmaster of your guild to another member. (You must be the guildmaster to use this command.)
@showdelay - Shows or hides the red "Cannot use the skills" message.
@whereis - Displays the maps in which monster normally spawns.
@whodrops - Displays a list of mobs which drop the specified item.
@guildstorage - Opens your guild storage.
@showzeny - Toggles the display of Zeny gain messages.
@hominfo - Displays homunculus stats in different formats.
@jailtime - Displays remaining jail time.
@commands - Displays a list of @ commands available to the player.
@homstats - Displays homunculus stats in different formats.
@mobinfo - Displays monster information (rates, stats, drops, MVP data).

Custom Commands

@whosell - Displays item that is available at Vending of other players.
@hp - Display Hourly Points informations.
@pvp - Warps you to PvP Room (Only usable in towns).
@woe - Warps you outside of War of Emperium Active Castle (Only usable in towns).
Guild Name: YogaRO Team
Leader: Sinio
Char Name: Evil Buu
Job: Champion